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"Diversité des éducations des jeunes enfants" (EECERA/Le Furet)

26 août 2009

Quoi ?

The 19th EECERA Conference, which will take place in Strasbourg, France 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th August 2009, is organized by EECERA the European Early Childhood Education Research Association in collaboration with the french association Le Furet "Early Childhood and Diversity".

The theme for the 19th EECERA Annual Conference is Diversities in early Childhood education. This theme will be addressed from the perspective of the rights of younger children and their families.The education of young children today is increasingly tackled in variable and complex ways, and the environments in which they live, both at home and in education and care, can be equally variable.

A main goal of the conference is to explore these multiple diversities in Europe and beyond, taking into account the various approaches of research itself, regarding methods, theories and paradigms implemented.

Quand ?

Du 26 au 29 août 2009

Où ?

A Strasbourg

Renseignements pratiques

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