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La CODE déménage !

L’équipe de la CODE installe ses bureaux au sein du bâtiment de la Ligue des familles, situé Avenue Emile de Béco, 109 à 1050 Ixelles.

Conférence annuelle 2014 d’Eurochild (Bucarest)

Du 26 au 28 novembre 2014, le réseau européen Eurochild organise sa 11ème conférence annuelle à Bucarest, en Roumanie, sur le thème ’De meilleures dépenses publiques pour de meilleurs résultats pour les enfants et les familles’.

Plus d’infos en anglais, ci-dessous.

28 novembre 2014

Eurochild Annual Conference ’Better Public Spending for Better Outcomes for Children & Families’

Governments across Europe are undertaking reforms to reign in public debt and improve efficiency of public expenditure. The European Union through its Europe 2020 strategy and economic governance tools aims to guide Member States, particularly those in the Euro zone, and to lead the continent towards smart, inclusive and green growth.

The European Commission Recommendation ‘Investing in Children : Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage’ sends a clear message that, even in times of budget consolidation, governments must invest in services and policies that support children, enabling all children to realize their full potential. It highlights the importance of investing 2014-2020 structural funds effectively, to support ‘evidence-based strategies’ that tackle poverty and social exclusion and promote children’s well-being particularly through investment in early years and prevention of school drop outs.

This 2½ day conference will bring together key stakeholders to discuss how to achieve better public spending putting the child’s interest at the centre : governments – EU, national and sub-national, civil society, business and private sector,philanthropic organisations, inter-governmental organisations, and more.

It will have a number of cross-cutting themes :

  • Measurement of long-term social return on investment, in particular how to collect evidence on the long-term impact of policies and practices that focus investment on early years, prevention and early intervention and universally-accessible services.
  • The relationship between the public and private sector in procurement, design, delivery, monitoring and quality assurance.
  • Transparency and accountability of public spending and the meaningful involvement of civil society, with a particular emphasis on investment in advocacy and participatory democracies as a means of promoting long-term social change.
  • Evaluation methodologies – what are the different aims of evaluation in children and family services, what methodologies are most ‘fit for purpose’, how can and should they be used, in particular by funders both public and private.

In addition to gaining a better understanding of how to monitor the effectiveness and impact of particular interventions to support children and families, the conference also aims to address questions around best use of the resources available, taking a more global picture of public expenditure.

Given the particular expertise and interest of Eurochild members, public expenditure in three thematic areas will be explored in more detail :

  • early childhood education and care,
  • family and parenting support, and
  • children at risk or in care.

A background paper will be prepared to set the framework for the discussions during the conference, highlighting cross-cutting issues and thematic context.

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